Friday, February 17, 2006

Jo jeeta wohi Sikander

I watched “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander” for the nth time today. It’s one of those movies that you can never actually tire of watching. The movie is special for so many reasons, Aamir Khan not being the least of them. Not only is it wholesome family fare, but also the plot is pretty good, considering the time when it was made.

I really feel there are many scenes that capture the true human spirit, and they are truly spread out right across the movie. I admire the way the director has displayed joy, sorrow, brotherly love, hatred, affection, love, friendship…

Some stellar moments:

1: the scene when Aamir confronts his brother as to why he didn’t reveal who had attacked him. Aamir’s expression is right to the point.

2: The face that Ayesha Jhulka displays when he reveals his love for her. You have affection, love, respect all clubbed into one. Kudos to the director too for not streatching the scene too long or worse still, breaking into a jig.

3: Ayesha Jhulka right through the movie as a doting friend. I think she was grossly underused in this movie.

4: Deepak Tijori as the baddie. Fits the bill to a tad. The way he moves from sportsman to villain in the movie is really good.

5: And finally the best. The jubilation on Kulbushan Kharbanda’s face at the end of the cycle race. Plain magic I tell you. An unbelievable actor at his very best. You can clearly see unadulterated joy on his face, and knowing that what he is doing is acting, takes your breath away.

The direction is brilliant. No drawn out scenes, not too mushy, no unmentionables. A very good plot too. Perfect recipe for a good movie.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Of joy and contentment

It has been a rollercoaster week for me emotionally. But sadly the rollercoaster didnt seem to reach its apogee. But along with it there is this huge sense of relief when it comes to certain issues. To an extent, I am glad that things have worked out the way they did. Thanks to the people who were there for me. I guess if you are reacding it you shall know. And just to point out, there are bloggers in the list.

Happiness, is something we all cherish and yearn for. Yet, seldom do we realize that happiness stems from within and not from environmental factors. External factors do play a role, but they are not something that charter your emotional sojourns. At most they give you choices that you should make to keep yourself happy.

I have greatly believe that happiness stems from contentment. Only when you are happy with yourself, shall you enjoy the thrill of living. Contentment stems not from achievements, but from realization. Realization shall dawn only when you look at the world through unbiased eyes. We get too tangled up in our quest for various things that we never realize that we werent actually born with them. They are something that we got. Not always had.

Materialistic poeple, generally, are the ones that experinces a gamut of emotions. Principally because of they are always in the quest or hunt for something. And as Gautam Buddha says, "From expectation stems sorrow and disappointment". I have never been a materilist in any sense. There has never been a yearning to possess something. Here, may I add, that being materilast transcends the domain of yearning physical possessions. Relationships are not exempt from this. Contentment here would be to see the other person happy. But let me add, that there are exceptions to every set.

Heres a poem that I found on the net:

I am happy, I truly am,
But Spartan too, devoid of glam.

MY heart glows, inn the most beautiful flame,
Disappointment and joy, I take it, just the same.

Women I love, but do not yearn,
Gizmos I enjoy, but do not discern.

Join me, live unattached this way,
You will be happy, and forever remain that way.

This poem has been the inspiration for the post.