Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life to me seems so much about IIM Calcutta. Sure, its easily my biggest academic achievement, and that too by a huge margin. But I wonder, do you define a college, or does a college define you? Now now, before the self respecting shout in support of the latter, let me say one thing. We are often so influenced by our surroundings. In many cases despite not wanting it, we are spitting images of family members. Ask me for me! A college, aside of academics, is about its culture. And, I must admit, am being influenced by IIM Calcutta. Maybe its a good thing, maybe its not.

The year gone by has been exciting to say the least. I remember that first day in class. I remember that first quiz, the rush of being home the first time, that placement season, the XLRI - IIMC sports meet, the pain of that miserable first quiz in Financial Accounting and Statistics, the disappointment of that miserable term III mid term and the breakdown that ensued, and the pain of separation from that campus as I left for home for summers.

Speaking of summers, it was good. I managed to do ok I guess. My batch at IIM Calcutta has done well too. Pre-placement offers have started trickling in. Its something to look forward to everyday. Those congratulatory hugs are both fashionable and required. But there is joy for him/her. Its never about, "I didn't get one, and yet that clown has one!" I guess thats IIM Calcutta for you.

I love my wing. In fact I admire each and every one of them. I love it that I leave my door open through the day. I love it that the water can is in my room, and people come to my place to drink from it. I love those bakar sessions where we sit around and discuss absolutely anything. Second year is going to be fun with these guys. I really wish that Sugeet and Vijay didn't have to go abroad for Term 5. Conversations range from movies, to professors, to classmates (read bitching), to women, to the economy, to us, and God knows what else. I shall miss all that soon. But this term promises to be heavily loaded, though not suggested by my posts on successive days.

This has been a drawl at best. I have really become rustic when it comes to humour. I am unable to unravel the sardonic wit that I possess. I have sworn to write regularly this year. A resolution of sorts. Till the next one, Au revuoir!

Realizations (II)

The day I decide to update my weblog is here finally. I have had those crazy phone calls late at night, pleading for me to update this blog of mine. Those frantic females needed to be assuaged. But then my 'hectic' schedule at college, and at work had me pressed for time you see. Nonetheless, I have decided to oblige all those fans of mine. Being the quintessential engineer (I spent four years in a nondescript, unknown college), I shall try not be overly garrulous and verbose in my sentences, and try to attain grammatical correctness and coherence in bulleted points

  1. You inevitably falling in love with situations. Damn, I remember having issues in those first few days on campus. I remember the yearning for home. But, I also remember missing Joka so terribly at home. Those little conversations, those brothers called wingmates, those insanely Gtalk conversations substituting rendezvous, and that Xanadulike campus in medieval Calcutta.
  2. Mothers can convey missing you by those hugely expressive of theirs.
  3. Bombay is home. It will always be. And so will Chembur. Those trees, that quiet. Tranquility redefined.
  4. If people think that walks in the morning are good, try doing it late at night.
  5. Le Cafe rocks. Its expensive, and has hugely profited from me, but it rocks!
  6. Roommates are nice to have in a company furnished house. Thanks Praveen, Sameer and Kapil
  7. I can't believe I love this campus which has an insect crawling all over my study table.
  8. I am autistic. Especially when it comes to people. Ironic for a loudmouth for me.
  9. Luck, and honesty are nice things to have. It gets you things that you really really wish to have. Ask me. Maybe I shall get rich!
  10. I still can't believe I love this campus. The insect is getting really close to the keyboard.
  11. I have become extremely blunt. You are really dumb to read this drone!
  12. Barbers shall henceforth rejoice upon my arrival in his store. Quick money easy, arrives.
  13. Term 4 at IIMC is loaded.
  14. Maybe a debate topic for later. Iconoclasts are actually subconsciously conventional.
  15. This done is getting really monotonous now. I shall stop.