Sunday, March 25, 2007


India is finally out of the World Cup, much to the consternation of billions of people.

On this momentous occassion, we had quite a few soundbites, and a few wordbites if you choose to call them that. Here they are:
  • Greg "Chappal" during his interview with reporters all armed with slippers: "We didn't play well enough. Sorry that was an inflamatory question. We didn't play well enough. We didn't play well enough. And yeah, we didn't play well enough."

  • Rahul Druggedvid, our Captain: Whilst wearing the expression of "the Wall", he says,"We didn't deserve to qualify for the Super 8's". Apt since, its the Super 8's and not the Drooper 8's

  • John Wrong, our Ex-Coach: "The Cup will be poorer without India". Definitely, methinks. Since 90% of the revenue generators have lost interest.

  • Imran Can [be stupid]: "Dravid and Chappal should stay. Let there not be knee jerk reactions". To this he was told a journo that reactions to symptoms after one and half years isnt knee jerk.
  • Mandira Body: " All is not lost. Bangladesh can still lose to Bermuda"
  • Charas Sharma, having a disappointed look: "The odds of that are the same as you wearing the dresses you wore during the last Cup." [Liberty being taken here. This was a mental note]
  • Dean Bones: "Its a real sad day for Indian Cricket. And me too. How can I discuss strategies, and act as if I support India. Thankfully, the South African team is still there. I can label someone as a terrorist"

  • Ayaz Madman: "Its the end of the road for me too. My cutting edge comments on the Indian team will have no use."

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