Friday, January 20, 2006

Nocturnal Notes

I sit at my comp, on this dark, gloomy night,
Her face flashes in my mind- oh what a sight.

The exquisite features, the flowing mane,
A vision she is, the ideal cure for pain.

I have not known there could be, at once, so much joy,
All of a sudden, I feel like a boy.

She suddenly has, my heart galloping,
Thoughts abound, refreshing my eyelids which were dropping.

Sleep all gone, I feel like a rain drenched leaf,
Catching her glimpse, my motto chief,

On time, suddenly, I have no tab,
But yet, in this midst of joy, I feel my heart has the wound of a stab.

I glance up, at the clock above me,
“An hour gone! How could that be!!”

I realize then, its time to hit the sack,
Those thoughts and hopes shall soon come back.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ageless memories

It has been quite a week I must say. I had GD sessions, finance work in college i.e preparing the budget, visiting the new house in Govandi, and last but not the least,the reunion of my batch from school.

The GD sessions were a waste of time. I didnt think that either of my groups were fit to talk to, let alone have a GD with them. Subin, the winner of the GDs in VESIT, was in my group both of the times, and yet all that materialized in our GD was sheer pandemonium. It was really sad that they couldn't capture the essence of what the purpose of the GD really was. On the other hand, the enthusiasm shown by the second year comps class was simply breathtaking. They actually gave me a call and asked whether I could oversee their GD. Really touching. Neeraj, if you do read this, we must think in lines of a GD competetion atleast, if not a debating competition.

Moving on, just to inform any reader of this blog, I have been appointed as joint treasurer, along with one of the most wonderful people I know -Purnima. I am really looking forward to working with her, and its bound to be fun. We had our first experience working together yesterday and atleast I enjoyed it.

Strengthening relationships apparently come with the baggage of loss of something close to your heart. Ranjani, I am not at all happy with your decision to delete your blog. Please let this not act as neither a memoir nor a eulogy; I really do opine that you are one whos talented with words, and blogging is something you should enjoy.

I know this is turning out to be the front page of Sunil Natraj Express, but this is a new form that my blog is taking nowadays, and I am not enjoying it one bit. Yet, this post shall not suffer.

The crowning glory of the week was beyond a doubt the reunion of my OLPS batch of 2000. It was surreal to see those same fellas, who used to be seated next to you, some of whose conversations reached an apogee when he gave you a blink, and some who always tried to make conversation with students from other classes whilst the teacher was in the class. Some are still the pupa, and some seemed to have become the butterfly. It was sad to see some of them smoke like chimneys, atleast two of them, people whom I knew very school, and for a while after as well, and mess themselves up. But I have full faith and I am sure they shall do well for themselves. Some have bridged onto working whilst there was one who is a future doctor. The "scholars" from the school turned out in full,and it was nice to see that they are current university toppers now. Conversation ranged from pranks played, to watching adult film magazines in class, to professors catching them and confiscating the pictures (possibly to enjoy them later), to making the teacher cry, to our deaf principal, to our future plans, back to our pet peeve Mr.Dubey, to the guy who used to suffer sudden bouts of "amnesia" whilst the teacher was in class, to how we used to bunk lectures in school, to our favourite pranks again, I could go on for the hour here. The feeling was simply surreal. We sang our anthem, then abused Mr. Dubey (God knows why!!) ate like pigs and then danced like them, and after ragging Abhishek Magrulkar to our hearts content and taking a list of contacts, returned home contented souls. What a night I had yeasterday. Hopefully there shall be Jan 14th 2007, OLPS 2000 batch reunion, reunion of the sixth best school in Bombay!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The welcoming

As I was walking down with vikas, Sudarshan and Vinay towards Mahalakshmi temple on the 31st night, I couldn't help but wonder about the significance of the day. I mean it isn't actually New Year for me. To the uninitiated, many of us Hindus celebrate New Year on the 14th of April, and many others during Diwali. But as I sauntered down, it struck my mind that I was regaling the onset of a new Gregorian Year, it wasn't actually that big a day. Here is why...

I caught sight of this small tea shop outside Bombay Central station, above a sewer, on a dingy (to give it a compliment) street. He sat there, staring in to the street, eyeing people who might end up giving him a profit of a rupee or too. I was too excited at this point of time- Marine Drive, with ten thousand similar Bombayites, was awaiting me- and didn't pay the attention that I am now giving him. At this point, I would like to say this is not that sullen post which many people associate me with, its just that I have been a very self reflective mood lately. Coming back, we then continued on our merry way to Marine Drive.

Landing at Churchgate, we stepped out, to be welcomed by a hammered 25 year old who had puked all over himself and the road, with his friend desperately trying to get him to his feet. And the clock read just 11:15 PM. Its amazing at times, how people in the mood to revel forget basic social etiquette. First of all, I do not see the need to be drunk and lose control of your senses, often cited as "getting yourself loose". But then that's me, I am just weird I guess. Reverting to the description of the night, people were clamoring over a railing that adjoined Churchgate like fugitives on the run, refusing to use the subway. I tried my hand (or should I say leg!) at it, and came well short, much to the amusement of my three colleagues.

Now began our quest for food. Poor Vinay, not having had anything he was starved. I had promised them to take them to "Khau gully" and when we landed there we discovered all of them had shut shop for the day and were either asleep or were squibbling over a bottle of whiskey. So we trooped back to Churchgate where we then found out this restaurant that is being operated by the food giant FoodWorld. Must say that its value for money, and the food is good too. By the way, for me value for money when it comes to restaurants is inevitably quantity of food for the price paid, we can always compromise on quality.

Its amazing how almost all Chinese restaurants across the country have these "Chinese" waiters. Its great to see them being employed, but are we really that gullible? But now, after having visited so many of them, I do opine that they lend an authentic feel to it. At this place, we met this Chinese waiter who only spoke English! Now that's service for you! I have this habit of making small talk with almost everyone and speaking to this guy, found out he would be working till 1 in the night. That was his New Year.

After grub, we set out for Marine Drive. We spotted college mates, breaking up couples, a sea of people, heard the music of a thousand duck horns being sounded at the same, set sight of beautiful (fire)works, (according to Vikas-I have decided to abstain from leering), spotted even more people, managed to make calls just passed midnight, spent some time waiting for Pranav, but couldn't catch sight of him, and also saw a disc atop a building, the burning of an old man that almost seemed to take out the electricity of a building, and finally managed to take a couple of pics of ourselves as well.

The journey back to VT saw me buying myself one of those painful duck horns. I just couldn't see that poor mother huddled up with her infant without a blanket on that cold night. The kid, like all other kids was beautiful to say the least. It was almost as if he could sense my intention and gave me this warm toothless smile that illuminated his entire face as soon as he saw me. Tried my hand at blowing and successfully blew out a "phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooo". Sudarshan was more successful at getting out a loud cry for mating with a duck, and he seemed not to wish to part with it after that. But I thought better and gave it away to the first beggar I saw. That child was sitting right outside the Ambassador, and was witnessing the city elite entering to make merry. They were ofcourse oblivious to her presence. I really hope we could do something for those kids. We spent literally thousands on New Year, not even thinking about these faceless souls. No, I am not the epitome of compassion, but I really hope even I contributed to them. And anyone who has read the post till here, don't post any comment regarding this, else it will look like I am some kind of social reformer cum evangelist.

We took the last train from VT, a train crowded than most rush hour trains, and made it back by around 2:30. It was nice being able to spend some time with Vikas; I miss him after he moved away. The only regret was the train ride, I was too close to too many men who weren't exactly sober. Anyways, this post has run its course. I am tired of rambling about my New Year homecoming. Good day/night ladies and gentlemen. And yeah, since you have read so much, A happy New Year to you.