Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Bonfire

There they were - little logs kindling the fame. They shone brightly as the burnt, each and every one of them, and then lying by the flames as little embers, glowing ever so lightly in the warmth of the flame. The flame herself jumped from her confines, rising way above the logs that lit it. The logs themselves came in different sizes, and burnt in different hues. Some were big and shone like the moon on that starless night, and yet others were tiny little ones, that contributed towards the flame in their own little way. That was a lovely picture.

I stepped a little further back, and pored over that flame again. She shone just as brightly, but the logs seemed a little different. They still were the same in terms of diversity. They were still the same in terms of effulgence on ignition. But then they walked. They talked. They danced. The seemed to applaud a band named JBS BaroC. I noticed a few logs didn't burn. They were just sitting by the fire, probably enjoying the warmth. They seemed darker logs, probably ones that had been in the fire before, or maybe it was just age.

I stepped further back. But strangely enough, the bonfire seemed to raging higher. The flames were leaping higher, trying to catch the sky. And they were succeeding. Some logs were no longer seen, but the bonfire was intact. Some of those older logs were burning now. The bonfire was glorious.

I asked myself about the bonfire. It seemed a little too familiar.

P.S: Our alum reunion at IIMC rocked last night
P.P.S: IIMC rocks

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