Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Exam blues

A part of the engineering experience is the Oral examination or the viva voce. They are on right now, and I wish all friends and colleagues all the very best. As for me, I need all the luck I can get, considering I have done nothing; and continue to do nothing productive by writing blogs that make no sense.

Its amazing how engineering makes you so callous to the whole examination system. I shall never forget the first semester, when we are all so nervous about the impending exams. The exam hall looked like a moratorium. Now of course, the mood is much lighter. There are constant debates as to who has done lesser. You have scenes of intermediate professors cropping up, who spent the last might cramming into their head things that made little, it it all any, sense. These professors are dear little commoditites, what with the absence of any professor in the college.

Another thing engineering soes teach ot rather inculcate in you is confidence. I can say, without a second thought at that, that I can face any viva, with the least amount of preparation. Thats quite a departure from the first viva I had in which all I could do is stammer and blabber a few sentences.

Well, books need my attention right now, not my blog. Have to leave in an hour for a viva which I shall duly start preparing for. Pray for me friends, I need it.


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