Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feline Chronicles

The CAT a.k.a Common aptitude test is going to have an awfully inept student taking it this year. Sometimes, he wonders why he is even giving this paper. But one thing about him, his sense of optimism is non-pareil. So, if you were to meet him and spot him adorned by an original IIMA shirt (which happens to be his cousin's.. and you shall not miss out on the rant that he shall soon present you with his own), do not even try to dissuade him. Much to your chagrin, going against your very friendly and very concerned advise, he shall just laugh at your face and say that no one can stop him from getting through.

As for effort, true to inimitable style, there is none. All there is hope. The other day, I heard he was lamenting on how it's him who gives the toughest two exams in the world-the IIT JEE and the CAT. The whole world knows him to be a whiner, and hes living upto the reputation. The CAT is on the 20th of November. Of course prior to that he has a host of other things to do such as his project, vivas etc. So if he even manages to get an hour a day its commendable. I suggested to to him to stop writing his blog, but he says hes addicted.

Anyways, heres wishing him all the very best.. and the others too.

P.S: Thanks for the title Vivek.


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